This workshop focuses on tools that allow individuals to creatively challenge the process; finding true applicable, operational and practical value in their innovation and creativity.

While some people claim that the route to innovation is indescribable, we believe there’s often a simple, recurrent structure to creative thinking. Most original ideas aren’t completely original, but instead are the result of two basic things: problems in search of solutions and solutions in search of problems.

In this workshop, we share with participants the fundamentals of the creative problem solvers toolkit via a series of complex structured experiences and games tailor made to draw out each person’s problem solving and decision making strategy.

In our busy lives we all occasionally feel out of balance. At times, some of us might even feel that we are on the edge of losing control. The idea of obtaining emotional balance is not simply about getting rid of negative emotions, but instead learning how to experience them, cope with them and keep them moderated. This series includes a variety of workshops focusing on time management, stress management, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups. Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of self-leadership and good relationships, which are essential within any organization. Employees who can manage their own emotions and respond to the emotions of others make better decisions, get the job done more effectively and build relationships with internal or external clients. Our Emotional Intelligence workshop equips employees and new managers with the ability to emotionally manage themselves, their peers and sub-ordinates.

Time Management
Time Craft was designed to allow participants to learn to better manage their time. These skills, modeled after highly successful people who juggle multiple demands and constantly changing priorities, is taught using a combination of hands on situational learning, structured experiences and actual supervised planning sessions. Participants will learn to firstly, manage their time better, and subsequently, make time work for them.

Stress Management
In this workshop, participants will discover their individual stress styles and patterns, their energizers and triggers, as well as explore and learn stress busters best suited for their stress patterns. This individualized formula has been the bedrock of our successful stress management series.

This is a series of modules which aim to build leadership mastery equipping participants with the confidence, attitudes and skills to lead, to influence, to turn conflict into cooperation, and coach their staff for maximum performance. Based on the powerful Leadership Challenge model by Kouzes and Posner, participants will not only discover their own leadership style, but also how to rise up to the leadership challenge.

Building Inspired Teams Enabling “Team” to come alive!

At TeamVision, we have a very simple notion where teams are concerned; we believe that the foundation of a strong team is one that understands that:

Together Everyone Achieves More!

Sure, it’s a clichéd saying no less, but it’s one that works. After all, we are all blessed with different inclinations, talents and blind-spots and how much better would it be if we could leverage on one another. Our programs allow each participant to personally experience what being a team means, rather than simply being part of a team. We use structured experiences to teach participants not just experientially and entertainingly, but also to their fullest learning capacity.

We don’t just build teams, we inspire them.

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